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KXP Logistics supports a wide range of industries. We highlighted a few of those below, as well as the types of deliveries we handle.


Check out our Services page for details on how KXP can serve your industry.

   Business-to-Business     Office Supplies & Materials     USPS Mail    Technology 

Airport      Laboratories & Pharmacy     Retail     Auto Parts     Events -- Conventions    

kxp business to business small box deliv


  • Printed matter, business letters, business packages, interoffice mail

  • Financial reports/documents

  • Insurance documents, healthcare info packages

  • File storage boxes for in court or at business

  • Real estate closing/Registry of Deeds filings

  • Tax documents to/from your CPA/Certified Public Accountant

kxp mail crop.jpg

  USPS Mail

  • Sorted mail delivered to and/or from the US Post Office to your business or home office

  • PO Box pick up: Once KXP is authorized, we will be able to pick-up your mail from your post office box each morning

  • Direct mail campaigns from your office or fulfillment center

kxp office supplies printer crop.jpg

 Office Supplies & Materials

  • Ink cartridges

  • Paper -- printer paper, legal pads

  • Shipping supplies

  • Files -- storage boxes, file folders

  • Pens, dry-erase markers/erasers

  • Promotional items

  • Marketing brochures/flyers materials

  • Company-printed material

kxp retail guy with shopping bags crop.j


  • Gifts, clothing, accessories

  • Suits for alterations; dry cleaning

  • Large framed prints

  • Boxed floral arrangements and floral hard-good supplies

  • Contractor supply runs to hardware and home improvement stores: tools, hardware, plumbing, electrical, plywood

kxp auto parts tires crop.jpg

  Auto Parts

  • Emergency Auto Parts -- Can't arrive before the auto parts store closes? Utilize our team of drivers!

  • Small parts - Urgent auto parts pick-up and transfers to mechanic

  • Tires, bumpers, headlights, mirrors, plugs, windshield wipers

  • Store transfers to/from main store locations

kxp logan sign crop.jpg


  • Inbound cargo - airfreight, small parcel

  • Luggage retrieval - Lost & Found

  • Outbound cargo & small package for TSA certified clients

  • Customs Brokerage document and freight pick-up

kxp lab woman receiving cooler crop.jpg

  Laboratories & Pharmacy

  • Outpatient pharmacy -- home delivery, excluding controlled substances

  • Inpatient pharmacy -- medicine and supplies for hospitalized patients

  • Lab -- human specimens and supplies to transport

  • Blood, platelet, and plasma delivery service

kxp technology laptops crop.jpg


  • Equipment to/from IT departments/businesses/home offices

  • Hardware and supplies

  • Office management; desktop printers, scanners

  • Mailroom machine parts

  • Telephone equipment and supplies

kxp trade show orange box crop.jpg

  Events - Conventions

  • Trade show booths

  • Company hand-outs & promotional material

  • Office supplies, tape, scissors, pens, paper

  • Banquet tables, folding chairs, easels

  • Banners and company logos

kxp quotation marks.png

“I didn’t realize my boss didn’t give me all the details I needed for the courier until I was on the phone with KXP. I asked KXP if they could start heading in the direction of the pick-up address while I worked on the delivery address. They made the pick-up before the business closed and gave me the time I needed. What other company would do this?”

kxp 5 stars.png

~ Assistant to the President

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