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Welcome to KXP Logistics! We are your go-to experts for same-day delivery. KXP offers a wide range of same-day services that will fit your every need. Leave the arrangements, monitoring, and logistics to us! Others try. We deliver.

KXP works with you to cover the final mile when you take advantage of our warehouse space, distribution services, cross-dock, overnight storage, and white glove delivery. Let's talk about your final mile needs today.

Check out our Industries page for more details on whom we serve and how they utilize our services.

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Rush, Same-Day Delivery

From on-demand, urgent documents to same-day freight, KXP will meet your same-day delivery time requirements. We service both business and residential addresses and work with small-to-large businesses in every industry. We are experts in same-day delivery.

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KXP's secure warehouse is located in Boston. It allows our customers to have a presence within Boston and a storage solution, whether short-term or long-term. We offer critical parts inventory, storage, and delivery as well as having the ability to flex our warehouse space.

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KXP will pick up your product in bulk. We will sort, stage, route, and deliver it to its final destination on your schedule. We offer daily scheduled or one-time distribution services. Whether you have a daily, weekly, monthly, or one-time project, we will design a program to meet your needs.

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With our Route Delivery Service, KXP will arrive at a designated time and day and will deliver to the assigned addresses by your time requirements. Our driving team will follow any detailed instructions at each address whether you need us to hand- deliver the item or place it in a drop box.

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Contingency Drivers

KXP supplies a replacement driver when your driver is out sick or on vacation or when the volume of their route requires a secondary vehicle. Whether you need a sedan or a cargo van, we are available to be an extension of your company, 7 days a week/24 hours a day/365 days a year.

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Truck Service

Our Truck Service is available for local, rush, on-demand, or scheduled orders. We have liftgates, pallet jacks, straps, and blankets in all of our straight trucks. We also offer consolidated linehaul service should you need to move freight out of state.

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Schedule a driver to arrive at a specific day of the week, date, or time. You can pre-schedule orders in advance that day or on a future date. We will follow your instructions and meet your needs.

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Leave the coordination and transportation arrangements to KXP. We will oversee your project, whether it be one delivery or multiple steps. We will communicate as much as you need and act as an extension of your department.

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Bypass downtown Boston's tractor trailer restrictions by utilizing our Hyde Park facility to cross-dock your freight to a smaller vehicle. With warehousing services available, we are able to extend the cross-dock to overnight storage when needed. Should you need cross-dock outside of Boston, please contact us for availability.

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Bicycle Delivery Service

When traffic and conditions require KXP to move quicker within city streets, we may opt to utilize bicycles. Timeliness and your needs are our focus.

White Glove Delivery

Our White Glove Service is ideal when you need a team of two drivers to handle your last-mile delivery. Your product can be delivered to our warehouse where we can handle assembly or touch-up.

Catering Delivery Service

Leave the pick-up and delivery of your catered food order to KXP. When you are making food arrangements for your business or residential events and need a helping hand, we will have a driver at the restaurant or bakery of your choice to ensure that your food arrives correctly and on-time.

Pricing and Benefits

KXP’s on-demand pricing schedule is formulated with a base rate from the shipper’s address and a per mile rate to the final destination. There is an auxiliary pricing schedule for items that fall outside of a standard-size box, door-to-door delivery or outside of normal business hours. We do not charge by weight for on-demand service. Due to this, please check your local overnight delivery rate to see if our same-day rate is more economical for you. KXP looks forward to saving you money, as well as executing your deliveries quickly and securely!


We are excited to share a few of the many ways that KXP stands out in the industry. Our experienced dispatch team monitors your shipment from beginning to end and communicates in any method you desire: phone, text, or email. Our drivers have specific skills (proactive approach, secure package handling, superb navigation skills, common sense, timeliness, courtesy, and much more) which afford you a higher level of customer service than others -- not only will you be impressed, so will your colleagues and customers. We are challenged every day with obstacles that we overcome behind the scenes! It is our pleasure to offer this service to you. 


Our warehousing rates are based on the storage space needed and the type of service you require. We have a flat, monthly storage rate for long-term. 

For critical-part storage, we offer a monthly storage rate with an in/out fee with a pricing schedule from our warehouse to the final destination. 


Our distribution rates are based on the volume of shipments and the zip codes that are involved in the deliveries. We offer a flat rate per delivery within a certain mileage range that increases by increments per mileage range from our warehouse. 


We are able to customize services that do not fit into a larger transportation company’s business model. KXP moves


  • critical medicine and specimens same day 

  • bulky auto parts, whether from a store or junk yard

  • prototype items

  • catered food, soups, and cakes 

  • valuable gifts

  • flowers - boxed or in a vases

  • tailored clothing 

  • furniture 

  • paint

  • plywood 

  • unboxed computer equipment


Think of our company as an extension of yours, with a variety of vehicle types at your disposal. KXP makes the impossible possible for you, our client, which allows you to shine for your company and your customers.

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“Our product needed to be delivered during a very difficult weather situation. We did not want to put the drivers in any danger though, so I worked directly with Kathie to formulate a variance in our schedule. It went off perfectly!”

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~ Shipping Manager

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